My name is Andreas Stidl, born on 24.02.1967 in Vienna.
Since my 16 years I have been working for the media.
I started as an comparse for the television, then I made a presentation at training OE3 in Vienna!
I was there for a time worked as a reporter.
Incidentally, I also worked off & on time as a DJ.
My main job is live TV cameraman with near 30-year old experience in composite, ENG & Helicopter Operating.
My special areas of expertise include music events of all kinds as a composite photography in all positions.
Until June 2008 I was working down at ORF in Vienna as a cameraman.
This permanent position I have given up voluntarily, to my years of experience can now also make available to other companies too! 

I also together in 2002 with two friends, founded the club "Skywarn Austria", which is busy with mobile Severe Weather Warning.
The so-called "Eyes in the Storm" chasen hazardous weather events, and pass in nearly real time current observations directly by phone or online to various weather!
Same time, these weather events are of course well documented.

Since my profession for near 30 years is a cameraman, I try again to connect both with each other.
My dream job Waere, for the Weather Channel to work in the U.S. or Europe to build a similar station,
who, like the U.S. model, live on-site reports on the weather.

It is a vocation for me to be active in both areas to make other people the forces of nature over the screen felt.
For only what is well known, one can properly assess and evaluate!
I am convinced that climate change might just by a CCC (Climate Change Channel) to be very successful!

Although I'm not going to sensationalism, but to the knowledge of how weather works and how small changes can often have a devastating impact.
My U.S. Tour Tracker serve to learn from the extreme weather events there.
And every now and then they decide about life or even dead.

So here is a very big warning and professionally unconverted topic!
Each year, for example be the Tornado premilinary Warning by about 20sec. improved. Does not sound much, but if only one life more is saved because it was a success.

Well, weather is and will remain so in the future is certainly always an issue!
For some, so they know whether you can grill outdoors on weekends, for the others because their security depends on it.